Piran Marine have been at the forefront of composite innovation. By incorperating CNC tooling, design & structural analysis in house we have been able to streamline our capabilities and ensure quality throughout each stage of production.

Manufacturing Processes

We are adept in all modern & traditional manufacturing processes including pre-preg, resin infusion, vacuum consolidation and high temperature curing cycles. We have a purpose built 8m x 3m oven which suits most smaller structures & components, however, we can modify this to achieve high temperature post cure cycles for any size project.

Efficient Manufacture

Piran Marine have been involved in & are currently pushing forward with efficient design & manufacture processes in order to achieve a great cost saving when producing a component from composites that would be traditionally made from metal. Projects we are currently involved in include, bridges, architectural & structural building elements, sea survey gps buoys & many more projects in development.