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Three leading businesses have received grant funding from us to develop a product for Prismatic Ltd. The collaboration between the 3 businesses has helped develop their capability in the aerospace and space supply chain.

Piran Advanced Composites collaboration header

Cornwall businesses develop ground breaking composite design for UAVs, thanks to grant funding from AeroSpace Cornwall.

AeroSpace Cornwall has awarded an R&D grant to three businesses in Cornwall, fostering a collaboration that enables them to develop UAV components for Prismatic Ltd, and increase their capability in the aerospace industry.

Composites business, Piran Advanced Composites, design business, Acadmy Ltd and CNC machining business, Digital Fabrications Ltd, are partnering to develop a high performance carbon composite design for Prismatic Ltd.

Based in Hampshire, Prismatic Ltd develop novel space and aerospace systems, including solar powered High Altitude UAVs. The three businesses in Cornwall are using their grant funding to provide the 5 and 8 metre wing sections for two of their UAVs, namely the LASA-5 and the PHASE-8 aircraft.

By working together in this way, the businesses in Cornwall can maximise their product offering to Prismatic Ltd. The process starts with designers from Acadmy Ltd who use Computer Assisted Design (CAD) to design wings for the LASA-5 and the PHASE-8 aircraft. CNC fabricators, Digital Fabrication, take the designs and cut precise patterns for the wings. The process ends with Piran Advanced Composites, who build the wings ready to be integrated into the UAVs by Prismatic.

Peter Munro Lott from AeroSpace Cornwall states that the funding offered by the programme is vital for businesses as it enables businesses to collaborate and develop a complete product. This ‘join the dots’ approach is helping businesses connect and grow in the aerospace and space sectors – enabling them to work with other leading businesses nationally.’