We have experience in nearly all sectors of advanced engineering and manufacturing and understand key customer requirements in demanding supply chain requirements.


We have vast experience producing composite UAV airframes and components with the largest aircraft currently produced being a 35m wingspan high altitude long endurance UAV. We have developed novel technologies for producing composites using carbon fibre pre-pregs with fibre weights as low as 15gsm and ultra light weight Rohacell foam cores.

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Aesthetic components through to highly demanding aero structures, we can offer manufacturing capability for just about anything that can be produced from composites within this sector. Some examples of previous supply include control surfaces, rotors/propellers, battery containment systems, wing sections, fuselage and payload containment.

Small components through to large structures, low volume through to many thousands, we are highly flexible in our approach and will work alongside you no matter what to deliver to the tightest budgets and delivery time scales.

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Visual carbon components through to the highest of structural demands, we can offer a production service for many sectors from production cars, electric vehicles and motorsport. Light weighting is a very large part of future vehicle requirements so we can advise on new projects looking to be highly weight efficient and also on current projects where components are currently produced from other materials.

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Production of composite components for the defence sector include light weighting of military vehicles and components through to armour/ballistics protection and fairings for a variety of vehicles. We can produce composite components using a high volume, one-shot high-pressure process in pre-preg materials pigmented through in standard NATO colours and coated to required military standards. The outcome is a weight and strength improvement over traditional composite techniques whilst also being budget competitive.

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Carbon visual and structural components for superyacht equipment and rescue/military vessels using advanced carbon fibres and autoclave processing. We can produce custom designed equipment for one off manufacture through to volume produce of advanced structures and repair of these systems.

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Composites are increasingly being utilised in a variety of non-traditional sectors, we can produce components for medical equipment including x-ray machines and prosthetics. Highly flexible approach with the option of a full design, engineering and consultancy service offering a full package through to delivery of completed products if required.

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We are looking to grow with the fast emerging space sector within the UK offering our full array of composite services for endless possibilities, from satellite brackets through to launch vehicles, rocket fairings and COPV (composite overwrapped pressure vessel). We have a solution for the highly demanding and harsh environments experienced in space and during launch.

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