One of the most advanced composite facilities in the Southwest, we can supply composite components for use in even the most critical of applications.


Piran Composites have vast experience in producing the new age of ultra lightweight structures and components required in UAV and electric vehicle technologies. We have worked on a variety of world leading technologies with a very high success rate where many others have failed.

We can produce prototypes and volume production of a variety of components through to entire airframes. Examples include control surfaces, rotors/propellers, battery containment systems, wing sections, fuselage and payload containment.

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Processing of advanced composites is the foundations of the company having spent many years perfecting the production of these materials using a variety of processes.

Using pre-impregnated carbon, glass and aramid fibres and epoxy, cyanate ester, phenolic resin systems, we can produce components to meet the strength, mass and temperature demands of any application from space through to medical applications.

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Low to High Volume

We have experience producing components in one offs through to thousands per year. We can tailor the manufacturing methods to meet competitive budgets and offer full traceability of component production to meet strict supplier flowdowns.

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Design & Engineering

Full in house design and engineering services available to support an existing project with the ability to undertake a full turn key solution from start to finish using Solidworks and other design suites. We can undertake structural calculations, FEA among many other services.

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Full production traceability to meet stringent quality requirements and flow downs. We are currently working towards AS9100 quality standard and striving towards continuous improvement with the aim to meet the most demanding of requirements in this area.

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Moulds & Tools

Design, engineering and manufacturer of small and large layup tools for prototypes and low volume through to matched CTE carbon tooling for higher volumes and tight tolerances. High temperature tooling is also possible for components requiring a high TG.

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R & D

We can undertake R&D working along side your project team and offer guidance on production methods based upon volume requirements and design novel production techniques and reporting to define production methods of future technologies.

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